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There are many ways to get support and advice including counselling. Find out about our other services like peer support and financial counselling here.

Face to Face and Telephone Counselling

Gambling counselling offers you support and strategies to make changes and help you take back control of your life.  Counselling allows you to talk about the impact of gambling on your life in a safe, confidential, and non-threatening environment.

Face to face counselling sessions usually take place in a private counselling room at one of our locations across the north and north-west region. After hours appointments are available in some locations.

Telephone counselling is also available for people who prefer to speak over the phone, or may find it difficult to attend one of our locations for face to face counselling.

You can arrange to meet with a professionally trained counsellor for a one-off session or for ongoing support by calling 1300 133 445.

Gambling counselling offers:

  • professional, confidential and free counselling, face to face or by telephone
  • some after hours appointments
  • gambling, relationship, financial and group counselling
  • support for individuals, couples and families
  • a non-judgemental and safe environment
  • referral to other agencies where appropriate
  • culturally appropriate assistance
  • support as you move through the process of change

Counselling can be individual, couple, family or group-based.  Goals are worked out with you.  You decide whether to stop or reduce your gambling and any other issues you might want to address.

For more information, or to book a counselling session, call us on 1300 133 445 or send us an email via the contact form on this page.