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Love the Game Themed Round

Gambler’s Help North & North Western took part in the Love the Game themed round at the Preston Bullants vs St Johns VAFA game on Saturday 19 August.

The Gambler’s Help team engaged with many of the estimated 150 people who attended the game, promoting the message of “Love the Game, Not the Odds”. A range of Love the Game themed merchandise was distributed to attendees, including water bottles, thunder sticks and lanyards.

The Love the Game campaign is a response to the manner in which gambling advertising is changing the way we see sport. The increasing amount of gambling advertising the community is being exposed to is normalising the image of gambling as being just a normal part of sport. By making it appear normal the risks are often not considered, and people can end up experiencing gambling-related harm.

Young people can be at increased risk of gambling related harm because they don’t always realise the difference between ads and reality, and may see betting as a quick, easy way to make money.

Thanks to the Secretary of the Preston Bullants, Gianni Fogale for his support in making the themed round possible.

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