Jake’s story

I guess the most important thing for me in stopping was talking about it to people I trusted.

I’ve been able to give more to relationships since I stopped gambling, because my thoughts aren’t otherwise preoccupied. My mood has also been much more stable, as opposed to the massive swings I used to experience.

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Bring Your Bills Day at Craigieburn

On 14th of September Gambler’s Help North & North Western was invited to participate in the Save energy – Save money “Bring your bills day” in Craigieburn, organised by the “Live Green – Small Changes, Big Difference” Program from Hume City Council.

Two Gambler’s Help Financial Counsellors were available to offer information…

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Going to Counselling is Easier than Going to the Dentist

It takes a lot of courage to front up to a counselling session to speak about a very private issue like a gambling problem. The feelings of guilt and shame we might have, coupled with the impression of counselling we have created in our imagination can make beginning the counselling process feel like a bigger…

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Love the Game Themed Round

Gambler’s Help North & North Western took part in the Love the Game themed round at the Preston Bullants vs St Johns VAFA game on Saturday 19 August. The Gambler’s Help team engaged with many of the estimated 150 people who attended the game, promoting the message of “Love the Game, Not the Odds”. A…

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